Excitement for Shadowhunters 2016!

Shadowhunters_TMI_03,_teaserShadowhunters 2016

Hello Shadowhunters and Downworlders,

For a fellow fanatic of The Shadowhunter Chronicles, when the announcement for a ‘Shadowhunters’ TV show was brought to light, I was completely ecstatic. After the movie in August 2013 with Lily Collins as Clary Fray and Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland flopped in the box office, it was amazing to get a second chance of sorts with this option. As with the TV show we get the chance to explore more deeply into the storylines, as we would in the books, except with the odd twist and turn to keep us readers-and non-readers-on our toes.

Considering City of Bones by Cassandra Clare was the first book I ever read for my own enjoyment, this series has become my most favourite and prized fandom. So as a fan would, I have followed the casting announcements, behind the scenes clips, little videos and everything else in between. There is nothing about this that has never not caught my eye, I make it my mission to find out as much as I possibly can!

Two Teaser Trailers for Shadowhunters 2016:


Now onto my thoughts about the cast members as the characters they’re portraying:


Katherine McNamara:

Considering I have not see Kat portray any roles since ‘Girl Vs. Monster’ on the Disney Channel a few years ago when she played the mean girl, I am looking forward to seeing her bring Clary to life on the little screen. Personally I think she will make a very good Clary Fray, and bring her own unique flare to the role of the fiery haired heroine.

jfgP4jT5Dominic Sherwood:

After seeing Dominic play Christian Ozera in the adaption of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, I have so much faith in him playing Jace Wayland. In this role I think he bring across the sassiness, as well as the vulnerability behind the facade that Jace’s character puts up. I’m excited to see how Dom and Matt’s friendship off-screen is brought to life onscreen as parabatai.

wS_BdmDX.jpg largeAlberto Rosende:

When I first found out that we would have a new Simon Lewis for the new TV show, I was a little dubious because of how perfect Robert Sheehan was in the movie in August 2013. HOWEVER, it is scarily brilliant how much Alberto IS Simon Lewis down to the very last detail. I think he is going to do an amazing job at bringing the beloved nerdy character to life, and I look forward to seeing the relationship between Simon and Clary.

UcUVVSNp.jpg largeEmeraude Toubia:

Personally Emeraude is the perfect Isabelle Lightwood in my eyes, she has the perfect image. She has the beauty as well as that sharp and spunky edge that makes the Isabelle Lightwood. I am really looking forward to seeing how she wears her feelings close to her heart on-screen, as well as how the brother-sister relationship pans out between herself and Matthew. As well as how she acts with little Max!

FlGDyosI.jpg largeMatthew Daddario:

Down to the nitty-gritty of favourite characters! I really thought that Alec was downplayed a lot in the movie, he had very little scenes and we didn’t see him grow much at all. Not to mention, despite Kevin Zegers bringing the best of his ability to the role, he didn’t look like Alec to me. Matthew on the other hand, to me IS Alexander Lightwood; even off-screen he is exactly like Alec, which is absolutely brilliant! I look forward to seeing him bring Alec to life on-screen, as well as all the relationships, hardships and inner turmoil that he has to deal with throughout the series.

tumblr_ntpacnz4cb1ud04i1o4_500Harry Shum Jr:

Harry is particularly well-known for his roles in Glee and the Step-Up movies, which only adds to the benefit of him playing the flamboyant, lovable and in your face warlock, Magnus Bane. The way Harry is as a person-completely himself-will only add to his wonderful portrayal of the warlock. As a favourite character of mine, I have a lot riding on Harry portraying Magnus in the TV show, but I really do think he’s going to do a great job; he was the looks, the personality and I just want to see his reaction to Alec on-screen really! (You know it’s going to be the most beautiful and memorable thing of the year! OR even century!)

1b10bcf5-05d8-4950-956c-282be21ee932_ORIGINALMaxim Roy:

As an actress I have never seen on-screen before, I am excited to see her portray Jocelyn Fray. She definitely looks the part, and I think she will create a wonderful mother-daughter atmosphere with Kat as Clary. She looks very motherly, but with a badass and sharp edge!

alan-van-sprangAlan Van Sprang:

This actor I have seen at a glance on The Tudors with our Valentine Morgenstern from the movie in August 2013, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I think Alan is going to do a wonderful job at being the villain, the man with the crazed ideals and the manipulative father, just like Jonathan did in the movie. The one thing I like better is Alan looks more like Valentine to me than Jonathan did. The braids weren’t doing it for me in the movie!

tumblr_ntpacnz4cb1ud04i1o5_500Isaiah Mustafa:

Honestly, I don’t think anyone ever expected this casting for Luke Garroway-since everyone thought ‘Old Spice straight away-, but nevertheless I think it’s a great choice. Yes, I loved Aiden Turner as Luke, but I think Isaiah will bring a twist and unique change to the character portrayal. I can imagine him as Luke, as well as a caregiver and shoulder for Clary and Simon to lean on when they need him. I look forward to seeing him on-screen!

choxn9xuyaalwvzJade Hassoune:

We never got to see Meliorn in the movie, considering he doesn’t come into the story until book two ‘City of Ashes’, so it’s nice to see them switching things up and bringing him forward in the story earlier. Not to mention, Jade is an absolutely perfect and on point Meliorn; they have got the appearance completely alike down the tattoo on his face. I look forward to seeing a character come to life on-screen that I have a love/hate relationship in the books.

JonCor_Slide05Jon Cor:

This man is someone I would NEVER of expected to have seen as Hodge (it’s not a bad thing) because I always saw Hodge as someone old, like Jared Harris in the movie. Though I’m not going to complain, because as Cassandra stated, Hodge was in The Circle with Jocelyn and Valentine, so he’d be reasonably young. I look forward to seeing what Jon brings to the table when portraying Hodge. I’m glad to see he’s keeping his Chakrams!

paulinoPaulino Nunes:

The father we all hate with a passion, played by a guy who is so kind and friendly. I am rather intrigued and curious to see him become the stern and ‘stuck-in-his-own-head’ who does everything in such the wrong manner. Personally I think he definitely looks the part, he definitely looks like a Robert Lightwood, and I can very much imagine him when reading parts from the book. I look forward to seeing him portray this character on-screen!

tumblr_inline_nrjy2xqxma1r0ww6i_500-e1437007386711Nicola CorreiaDamude:

Mama Lightwood! This woman looks so much like she could actually be Emeraude’s mother, it’s absolutely brilliant. I can really see this lady become the leader of a mother that Maryse Lightwood is, as well as the mother figure that holds the Institute up right. Nicola is such a lovely lady, so I’m excited to see her become the stern shadowhunter that she is, with a heart that will melt for her children.


Here are a couple of videos from the past couple of months:

Are you a Shadowhunters fan? Looking forward to the TV show?
Let me know your favourite character and thoughts on the show in the comments below!

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