Shadowhunters: New Rune for the TV Show!


Hello fellow Shadowhunters and Downworlders!

So this evening (in the UK anyways) the Writers for the new TV show Shadowhunters in 2016 did a Q&A on their Twitter. So much information was passed from writers to fans over the short span of time, here are some of the details we got:


Credit goes to @NephilimEvents for this photograph.

But best of all was how the Writers ended their time of answering all our questions, and hearing us fangirl. We now have a new Rune to add to the collection of all the ones in Shadowhunters Codex and Gray Book.


There has been no news as the what the rune does, or what it means. So I took it upon myself to come up with my own theory on the rune. Which is that this particular rune looks a lot like the Voyance Rune that gives Shadowhunters the ability to see the Shadow World for what it really is. Except instead of this rune having the pupil like the one below, it has almost a scratch like, strike-through motion. This leads to my theory as to why I think this new rune (above) is the one to make someone not see the Shadow World anymore and completely block it out. Like when Shadowhunters get stripped of their marks.

VF_Voyance_RuneThis serves to enhance and focus the Sight, giving the wearer extrasensory perception, allowing the Shadowhunter to see contemporary events beyond their sight, past concealment, such as glamour, and, with training and practice, to identify Downworlders on sight.- Shadowhunters Wiki

What do you think this Rune could be? Let me know in the comments below!

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