Creatures of the Night Book Tag!

Hello again!

Yes, another tag is here. Once again I picked up on this tag from DreamlandBookBlog, yet I didn’t realise it was a tag by one of my favourite booktubers, Katytastic. I wasn’t tagged to do this, but I really like doing these kind of things!

To do this tag you must pick out your favourite books containing different types of creatures of the night, and, list them. So may as well get into it!


18660669I chose Vampire Academy, because it was the first book series I read that was purely about a world based upon vampires. There is both good and bad vampires in the book, but it’s not as dark and horrific as vampires are usually portrayed.


6344423This is a book series I started, loved, and never got to finish because it took me so long to find the last book. From what I remember this is a story that has werewolves and vampires in it, but I really loved the twist that happens with main male character!
I definitely recommend!


giphyDon’t hate me, I am yet to read a book about zombies!


18621200Remember the story about Blood Mary?! Well this is a book about that. As soon as I saw Ghost my mind went straight to this book, because no matter how brilliant this book was. It scared the bloody life out of me.
Props to James Dawson for this!


13597755“Let me guess,” Bishop says. “You were just trying to jump over her and couldn’t quite make it.” – Hands down the best quote ever!
This book is absolutely brilliant, and I am yet to read the sequel to it, Charmed. The first book I loved and both Bishop and Indigo are wonderful characters. I highly recommend this series!


22895264I honestly loved this book by Jennifer, all the characters and the storyline were amazing. I’m counting down the days until Torn is released. Imagine a small community are protectors from the Fae, and then all hell breaks lose when walls between worlds are threatened and secrets come out!


17455585Just this series in entirity, I would recommend it to absolutely anybody! I chose this book because it’s when Layla first ever meets Roth, the demon in this story. Your arms will flail around when you meet him; you want to junkpunch him at times, and hug him the rest!


Hush HushNot an absolute favourite series of mine, but it’s the first that comes to mind when I think overall Angel. It is an okay series in my head, but it’s not a series I have re-read, nor do I think I ever will for a while. It could be your cup of tea though!


13574417I very much enjoyed this book, and I keep going to buy Invaded-the second book in the series-but I keep forgetting. Nevertheless, this book was absolutely amazing, and definitely one of a kind. I’ve never read a story like this before, a foreign exchange from outer space, with a twist!

Superpowered human

256683Technically I’m not wrong, they are superpowered and they are part human! Shadowhunters are both part human, part angel-beings of immense power. This book and series is completely amazing, I would recommend it to anyone. It’s my favourite series in all of literature, jam packed with action, romance, forbidden love and lots of twists and turns!

Well that’s all for this tag, but if you have a creature of the night or any book recommendations, let me know in the comments below!
Also let me know if you’ve done this tag too!

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