The Friday 56!

friday-56The Friday 56!
An event hosted by Freda’s Voice.

Hello everyone,

Friday has once again rolled around for another week, and it’s been a pretty slow week for me. I haven’t barely touched the book I’m currently reading, since I’m in such a slump. But here we are again, for a meme I am really enjoying doing.
Each week on a Friday, I will be grabbing a book at random and flipping to page 56 (Electronically 56%) and I’m going to choose a sentence-or a few-that catches my eye.

This week I have chosen:

7719245Paranormalcy by Kiersten White.
Release date: 31st August 2010.
A few sentences from page 56:

  • “You never, ever accept food or drink from a faerie anywhere, especially on their turf.”
  • “I was so dead.”
  • “And that made everything ever harder; not many people in my life ever wanted me.”
  • “Everything about him was gold, except his laugh.”

I actually haven’t read this book yet, it’s been on my shelf since my birthday!
What did you guys think of the sentences?

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