Shadowhunter Teaser, Trailer, Thoughts and Opinions!

cropped-1500x500Fellow Shadowhunters and Downworlders!

On Thursday 9th October we received the first actual teaser trailer that wasn’t just short clips of the title and cast that we received a few months ago for the up and coming TV Show Shadowhunters, which is due to premiere in early 2016. All being well, in January. The show has cast members including; Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray, Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland, Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis, Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood, Matthew Daddario as Alexander Lightwood, Harry shum Jr as Magnus Bane and many others.

This particular teaser trailer was something that completely blew me away. Don’t get me wrong, the first two short clips that were released months ago, they were just as interesting, but this one just exploded!

My Thoughts

When I first ever watched this I will be honest, I never took anything in because I was to busy fangirling and having heart palpitations over the fact that we finally had really good footage and just new things about Shadowhunters. Yet when I watched it the second and third time, I finally got the chance to watch it properly and even then I can’t find any faults. So instead, I’ll tell you everything I love about it!

Firstly the way the entire teaser is shot is exhilarating and beautiful, I love the music, the effects and especially how they have incorporated the runes. The runes in particular, as well as how each character has something with them in the clip, was what stood out for me most. For example;

  • Clary has the Angelic Rune which links into her gifts, and her friendship with Simon is shown clearly throughout the teaser.
  • Jace has the fearless rune which links into a lot of his storyline in the first lot of books, along with the fact that he leaps from the rooftops (I like how that links into the books *wink wink*)
  • Isabelle has her whip and the precision rune, as well as the majority of the time she is very much an individual on her own. Except from when she with the entire gang.
  • Alec has his bow and arrows, along with scenes with both Jace and Magnus which I really like because it links into his character. Especially when both are stood behind him as he shoots the arrow, along with the love rune. It shows his obstacle that is pretty much the first lot of books too.
  • Magnus is the centre of attention amongst a mass of partiers, which is how we see him in the books. As well as how he is portrayed with Alec in that one specific scene after the word ‘DESTINY’. You either know what I mean by this, or you’re going on the rollercoaster in a few months time!
  • Simon has Clary, which is a major part in not only his character, but his entire life. Along with the wiping of the blood and mention of a ‘dark side’.
  • Luke has the moon which links into his character, as well as his protective stance as a police officer; this I like because it’s almost like a metaphor for his role.

Secondly I really like how the two main couples are hinted at in this teaser. Trying to think about it from an outsider, who hasn’t read the books; I would be questioning both Clary and Jace, along with the short clip of Alec and Magnus. Especially for the latter, I absolutely love that they got their limelight in this one, because no matter what they play major parts, both together and apart.

Another thing I love about this teaser is how freaking badass it is, it has that element down to an absolute point, and the music just increases that effect. If you haven’t read the books, you will learn that technically a revolution is coming for the Shadow World. Though I do think this teaser has given light to both readers of the books, and those who have never come across it; especially from the commentary that runs with the video itself.

“When I turned eighteen, I discovered the truth about the world. Nothing’s what you thought it was. No ones who you thought they were. And some people have a dark side, really dark. I also discovered that whatever your destiny is, it will find you, and when it does, be ready.”

Kat as Clary tells enough from the character commentary about the actual story that we as readers of the books would understand, but also gives way for a new description for those who haven’t read the books. I think that from this short commentary that we know enough, and I can say that if I hadn’t read the books I would definitely be drawn in from just that. Along with the trailer itself of course!

Another thing I really like about this teaser, as well as the commentary above, is that is has been aged up. Clary is no longer the sixteen year old, but she is eighteen, and I think by aging the series up for TV that it’ll give wider options to draw it in any direction. Yes, things will be different; there is a lot of differences in the teaser itself, but difference isn’t always a bad thing. Sticking to the books would be just regurgitation, and sure I wouldn’t complain; but I want to see this new, unique adaption!

Other Opinions

This is a fandom and story that is loved worldwide, so I decided to get some opinions from a few of my good friends within the fandom about their thoughts on the first teaser trailer released on Thursday 9th October!

When the new Shadowhunters teaser came out I was not prepared. I am still not! You can watch it once and love it, and then watch it again and love it for a whole other reason. I am so happy with this teaser it is hard to say. I think that it shows how much detail from the books everyone on the cast/crew are putting into the show. Which is great for the whole fandom. Especially the runes that show up behind each character (do we even need to mention ‘love’ behind Alec?). I love so many different things but I think that when Jace put his hand on Clary’s back to guide her to safety is my favorite. I love Clace and it is the little things that will show the connection. My hubby always does that for me so I think when I saw Jace doing this it just made me love him even more. I have probably watched the teaser over 15 times and shown it to everyone I know. It is great to show us just hints of how awesome the show will be. I have been fangirling all day long! – Emily | @UtschR5

The second the Shadowhunters promo started my tears began to fall and I lost my breath, quite literally. It feels as though we have waited forever for this moment. It’s like I’ve never seen anything so visually stunning in my life; from the insertion of the runes to the characters themselves. You can literally feel the characters come to life and there is nothing you want more than to see these relationships come to life. The Shadowhunter TV team even went as far as to put little details of the characters themselves into the promo such as the Falcon for Jace and the two loves for Alec. This promo is one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters of my life (sad! I know); and I cannot wait. My anticipation grows with every view of the promo and it can only get better from here. You will not be disappointed if you tune into Shadowhunters. It’s definitely worth the wait. READ THE BOOKS TO IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!! – Brittany | @TMITrekkie

Since I’m a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments, I’ve been excited about the TV show since day one. However now that I’ve seen the teaser trailer I look forward to the show even more. I love how the teaser starts with Clary (Kat) and Simon (Alberto). Simon and Clary’s friendship has always been one of my favorite friendships in the book, so it was nice to see those to best friends first. Also, I have to admit that I really want to steal Clary’s birthday cake! It looks amazing with all those runes. Harry is brilliant as Magnus. He’s as fabulous as Magnus and I can’t wait to see the ‘party scene’ in the TV show. I really want to know what’s it about that key in the champagne glass! Another thing that made me freak out is Alec’s (Matthew) bow and arrow. Whenever I think about Alec a bow and arrow come to my mind, so I’m really happy that they incorporated that. Jace with a seraph blade is brilliant. I look forward to more fight scenes in the show. Emeraude is Izzy, and I’m so excited that she’s bringing one of my favorite female characters to life. Simon wiping the blood off his mouth; nice foreshadowing. I could go on for hours, but all in all I love the teaser and I have faith that the TV show will be amazing. I think they stay true to the books, but also incorporate their own ideas and that’s something I love. – Sophia | @SophLightwood

The first thing I thought when I saw the promo was … wow! All the colors, all the music, the runes slowly appearing and then fide away … Each part dedicated to each character is so perfect and precious in every detail. It was like to see the beginning of an amazing journey and Clary’s voice was guiding is toward it. I’m already overwhelmed with joy and happiness, What will happen to my heart when the show will begin? – Roberta | @TMI_Church

Definitely a great teaser, great visual effects, great stunts (so far!). The love rune behind Alec, along with Magnus and Jace was so genius, so symbolical! I hope the show gives me the same feelings I felt with just one teaser. Action, romance, troubles, so many troubles… And surprises. My heart is open for some changes and new surprises, so bring it on baby! Can’t wait until 2016!
Now talking about the teaser, my first thought was ‘OMG is that a trailer? Or a promo video? Or…’ and I wasn’t at home so at first I suffocated my feelings. Then I went home and the screaming started. I couldn’t look at Kat without picturing her as MY Clary, everyone looking so fierce and beautiful using black. And then we had Jace, Alec, Izzy, Simon… A vampire Simon!
How did I felt about the Shadowhunters teaser? Well is it too much if I say I started to cry as I watched it? A reaction I’d never expect in the past, let me explain… As a fan of the movie, at first I thought I wouldn’t like the tv show. It was something different that was kind of annoying me. But when the cast was announced, my heart learned to love each one of them. And now I’m madly in love with the series! – Erika | @ErikaCaroliineL

My first thought on the Shadowhunters Teaser was amazement. I was so excited and watched it a few times before anything that happened really settled in! Later in the day i watched it again and noticed a couple of things in the teaser, why was Clary falling through a portal? Why does Simon have blood on his mouth? and who is behind Simon?! All these questions started running through my head. I do like the teaser though, it gave us an insight of how the show is going to be and what each character is like. But it also shows us that although they follow the some of the book, its obvious that it is going to be quite different from the original story line. It’s good that the teaser is making us ask so many questions already, this is pulling us in to watch the show! Overall i am really excited to see the show and look at how much they incorporate the book. Shadowhunters will be very interesting to watch for old fans and new. – Jodi | @TMILifestyle

The sneak peek trailer or promo trailer for Shadowhunters is something you don’t want to miss. Everywhere you turn you’ll seen runes. It’s starts out with Clary on her birthday. We receive a beautiful cake, the candles blow out, a low and behold an angelic rune is made out of the smoke. Clary gives Simon a hug, but is that all Simon wanted? Next we switch to see Clary in an alley and our favorite male character Jace Wayland (Herondale) falls out the sky! When he lands a fearless rune appears. He saves our Clary from the demons. The scene switches to Alec with his bow and arrow. And guess what? Behind him is the love rune! And in silhouette you can see Magnus and Jace. An ultimatum much? Alec has decision to make. He then lets the arrow fly, and oh! Those blue eyes! We turn to Izzy with her whip and a precision rune. Flawless! Next we have Simon wiping blood off his mouth! OH NO! Then we have Luke Garroway as a cop. Get ‘em Luke! I don’t want to spoil much, but this promo trailer on snapchat is DEFINITELY something you’ll watch again and again. Follow tvshadowhunters on snapchat to see for yourself. – Nima | @Fangirl_Alert74

The trailer nearly gave me a freaking heart attack, that’s what. I can’t believe that this world is being brought to life again with new aspects and views on things. It makes me all jittery thinking about it. All of the cast and crew have done their very best and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the tv screen for all of us fans and followers of the books. It an amazing thing to experience again. – MacKenzie | @mak_en_zie

When I saw the teaser for the first time, I have to admit I was confused. I’m not used to watch ABC Family shows, but I knew it was their signature. Then I watched it again and I was like “that’s really cool, and really well don me and the music is perfect” They introduice every characters perfectly, every sequences means so many things and we have to watch the video several time to see everything. Visual effects are amazing, actors are perfect with their character (Maaaatt… woups.. sorry) and this teaser gives me hope. I’m a huge fan of the book series, and I was so disappointed that the movie didn’t work. We have know another chance and this kind of videos can help to show to the whole world that the Shadow world is amazing. So I hope and I pray that this time everything will be fine. – Siham | @Arrow_2206

What are your thoughts on the teaser trailer? Let me know in the comments!

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