Shadowhunters: ANOTHER TRAILER!


Today, the 10th October, we received another amazing and out of this world trailer for Shadowhunters. This one is more of an actual trailer for the TV Show, due to premiere in early 2016, because there is actual footage from the show itself.

This is another of the trailers that I actually didn’t come across until a few hours ago, so I missed the mark when the first went up in parts. So I’m glad I got to watch them all at once like in the video above. Unlike my last post, I won’t be going into super detail about what I think about this trailer, because what do I have to say. You can see for yourself how amazing it’s going to be!

If I have to be honest I love everything, and I’m not just saying that because I am an absolute huge fan of the books. I am saying that because, yes, it is different from the books in big and little ways, which I love because they are making it in their own unique way.

Secondly I really like that the story follows along on itself and things are a lot more faithful to the actual stories in the books. For example; we get to see Clary’s childhood when she has meetings with Magnus in an actual memory/flashback, as well as how stubborn she really is. Along with how the entire cast are true to their characters.

The thing I love the most is that in spite of the changes and alterations, the story is actually more or less following the storyline from the books. Things aren’t thrown left, right and centre, then hoping they make a decent production out of it!

All in all, I really cannot wait for this show to air, I am counting down the days till 2016!

What are your thoughts on this trailer? Let me know in the comments!

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