The Friday 56!

friday-561The Friday 56!
An event hosted by Freda’s Voice.

Hello readers,

I hope you guys have had a wonderful week! I’ve had a super long week, it feels like its took forever to end, but unfortunately, I don’t think I have any plans for the weekend. More reading by the looks of things…

Each week on a Friday, I will be grabbing a book at random and flipping to page 56 (Electronically 56%) and I’m going to choose a sentence-or a few-that catches my eye.

This week I have chosen:


The White Rose by Amy Ewing.
Release Date: 6th October 2015.
A few sentences from page 56:

  • “High above our heads, a tiny light twinkles, like a lonely star.”
  • “It looks like a flower, petals of light emanating from one circular beam in its center.”
  • “My arms begin to ache, the muscles in my thighs burn, and my stomach growls with hunger, but I force myself to keep moving, trying not to think about the long drop below me, getting progressively longer the higher we climb.”

    Currently re-reading The Jewel in preparation for this book, since it’s just on my shelf staring at me!
    What do you think of the sentences?

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