Shadowhunters Book Tag!

Clary-Fray-shadowhunters-tv-show-38939773-500-281Shadowhunters Book Tag!!

Shadowhunters and Downworlders,

I have been wanting to do a book tag like this for such a long long time; this entire series is like a second home for me. I absolutely love this series and the world and characters that come along with it. So when I came across this on YouTube, I pretty much had a fangirl attack and flailed around a bit. My love for these stories and characters hold no bounds, so here we go!

What is your favourite series?

That’s a very tough question, because obviously this tag was made way back when there was only The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments in the works. Whereas now we have both of those along with The Bane Chronicles, Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy and the upcoming The Dark Artifices. So honestly I would have to say it’s a tie between The Mortal Instruments and The Bane Chronicles, because well I love Magnus and Malec. tumblr_nwkxqtpwd21r5a269o2_500

Jace or Simon?

Hands down, it will always be Simon. Not that I completely hate Jace or want him wiped off the face of the earth, but I’ve never related well or found it easy to like the Herondale. No matter how smooth of talkers they are. So it would have to be our loyal, loving nerd Simon. Without him they’d all be screwed, they needed him when they didn’t even realise. I chose Simon because I related to him so much, and because everyone should strive to be like him! tumblr_nw02w5CTeE1uw8hd5o2_r1_500

Will or Jem?

That would have to be James-Jem-as I honeslty hated Will with everything I had when I first ever read The Infernal Devices. It took until Nothing but Shadows in Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy for him to grow on me. James on the other hand, I took to him like a moth to a flame. I really think that all men should strive to be like James Carstairs; loving, sacrificing, loyal, kind and have courage more than anyone else I have ever known. He is such a selfless soul too.

Who is your favorite protagonist?

That would have to be Tessa Gray. I love Clary, but I would have to say Tessa because I related with her that much more. She got to change her appearance, but still struggled to fit in to somewhere new. She would hold her ground, but know when to be loving and kind. She holds everything so dear and in her heart, and she loves with everything she has. I also love that she is so so understanding and brave. That woman is something entirely else, and I think women should be like her.

Who is your favorite villain?

That would have to be Sebastian-Jonathan-Morgenstern. No matter his motives and his cruel cruel methods, he was still a brilliantly badass and evil villain. He was true to his beliefs, even it was enduced from other things; he was still cruel, malicuous and had no loving or peaceful bone in his body. Even if he did want Clary by his side. I have to say Sebastian is one of the cruelest and best villians I have come across.

What is your favorite book?

That would be City of Glass; this book was my favourite because everything was so amped up in this one. So much happened from the alliance fighting between Shadowhunters and Downworlders; finally an open playing ground for a sort of peace had opened up. Not to mention there was so much Malec; I was so proud of Alec and Magnus in this book, even with the funny one-liners, I felt like a proud parent watching their happiness come along. Also, along with everything at Lake Lyn with Valentine, Jace and Clary. I loved that I could see that in my own way and not have it warped; it was such a captivating scene.

Who is your favorite character?

My favourite character is and always has been Magnus Bane. I cannot fathom into words why I love this character so much, but I think it should be pretty obvious if you have read the books. I just love that he is so wise, yet vunerable as well and loves with all of his heart. I love that he is completely unique and doesn’t care what people think of him, because he is who he is. I love that he sticks to his guns when it comes to what he wants and who he is; he isn’t prepared to change his beliefs for anyone. Also I love that he loves Alec so much. tumblr_inline_nvzxa2uFHL1sd4ztj_500

What is your favorite cover?

My favourite cover would have to be the new repackaged cover of City of Lost Souls. Christ, Alec looks freaking badass with his bow and arrow on that cover. Not to mention it makes me love a book that broke my heart into tiny little pieces. You know what you did Cassie! But I forgive you because you gave us Malec back! tumblr_nvxbu4DBsD1rl5axho1_500

If you were in the shadowhunter world, which would be you: Shadowhunter, Vampire, Werewolf, Warlock, or Faerie?

I would most definitely be a Warlock. I’ve said from day one that that is what I would love to be if I could be a part of the Shadowhunters Universe. I would love to be able to use magic and protect people in such a way. I don’t think I would make a good Shadowhunter as I am a cluts, but I am sort of good with a bow and arrow. So instead, magic it is! tumblr_nw2m6bwlK81qly3wvo2_500

What are your favorite ships?

Each ship has their own unique flare, but the two/three I really hold close to home and to my heart would be Malec, Jessa and Sophie & Gideon. Malec is my all time ship and that will never change, they are what people should aim for in a relationship. It’s just beautiful to love someone in the way they do! As for Jessa and Sophie & Gideon, I ship them because they are couples that are very kind atmospherically, they love each other so tenderly and are always in such laid back sort of state.tumblr_nvxdtfpZ981utbkvpo1_500

What were your thoughts on the City of Bones movie?

To keep this short and sweet, so I don’t go off on a tangent, I did and didn’t like it. My reasoning behind this is because for one I loved it because it was the first ever chance at seeing the world I’d been reading come to life from the pages. Yet at the same time I hated it because it was warped so badly and everything was all over the place in the storyline. I understand how things need to be changed when it comes to putting things onto the screen, but it felt like it was just wrong in places. However, I will still watch it again and again because it is a favourite nevertheless.

P.S. I really cannot wait for the Shadowhunters TV Show!

Surprise: Here is my most recent Malec fanfiction called Sunlight Sparkling!


Bonus Question: Does anyone write Shadowhunters fanfiction? If so, let me know in the comments!

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