“Waiting on” Wednesday!


“Waiting on” Wednesday!
An event hosted by Breaking the Spine!

Hello readers,

So my week so far is consisting of putting together a presentation based on The Infernal Devices and Neo-Victorianism. I’m in two minds about this presentation, not only because I’m frightened of talking in front of others, but because I don’t want to screw up!

But this book I saw in the past week, and I’m curious to see where this story goes..


The book I am anticipating this week:

Lady Renegades (Rebel Belle #3) by Rachel Hawkins.

Release Date: 12th April 2016.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From the New York Times bestselling author of Hex Hall comes the sparkling finale in the beloved Rebel Belle series.
Just as Harper Price starts coming to terms with her role as David Stark’s battle-ready Paladin, protector, and girlfriend—her world goes crazy all over again.

Overwhelmed by his Oracle powers, David flees Pine Grove and starts turning teenaged girls into Paladins—and these young ladies seem to think that Harper is the enemy David needs protecting from.  Ordinarily, Harper would be able to fight off any Paladin who comes her way, but her powers have been dwindling since David left town, which means her life is on the line yet again.

Now, it’s a desperate race for Harper to find and rescue David before she backslides from superhero to your garden-variety type-A belle.

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hawkins brings the fun once again in the finale of this pitch-perfect romantic paranormal comedy series.

Anyone else anticipating this book?


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