Returning to Blogging

Hello readers,

Well it feels like forever since I’ve been here and posted anything at all, and I really don’t have a big enough excuse to say why. Though I’m hoping this time around I can manage to keep up the pace, and keep blogging regularly.

University has honestly taken over the past few weeks, but I haven’t actually known of what to post about because my other posts became repetative. Although there has been a lot of reading that I’ve done, so expect some reviews to be coming soon. On top of Unviersity work, I’ve finally took down my novel idea from it’s place on the top shelf and I’ve been working on that. Recently I finished off the blurb, and friends have been really interested in it, so I hope to start giving life to that at some point soon. Hopefully over Spring Break!

In the coming weeks, I have planned to go to Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight Tour book signing, which I am stupidly excited for. So in the meantime, I have had a tattoo idea planned for a while, which I hope to get done before I go meet her again.

As I said about repetative posts, I would like to ask you bloggers worldwide, or whoever sees this, what else would you like to see on my blog. What would keep you coming back or even just wanting to read it from time to time? Leave any suggestions in the comments below; I’m willing to give anything a go.

Happy Blogging!



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